WHMCS Module

Updated on May 13, 2021

WHMCS is an automation platform that simplifies and automates all aspects of operating an online web hosting and domain registration business.

To automatically create VPS that a customer acquires on WHMCS, it is necessary to install a module. First, you can download it on http://mirror.gridcp.com/modules/whmcs_server_gridcp.zip. Then, you can decompress it inside the main directory. 

After you decompress it, it will show a file called “gridcp” on the path modules/servers, where the module’s content is. Next, you must enable and configure the module on WHMCS. To do so, go to: 

  • Configuration>> Products >> Services >> Server >> Press “Add new server”.

On the access data, introduce the API user data of GridCP. If you don’t have one, read more on user documentation.

Once created and configured, you can create the products on WHMCS that complete the connection with GridCP.

Module Name: You can select the module of GridCP.

Server: You have to select the server that was created previously with the access data. Once selected, it will load a drop-down with the different options. 

Visualization Type: Type of visualization that will create the VPS. 

Plan: Selected one of the plans that were created previously with GridCP. In case you haven’t created any plan, read more on: Plans.

Username Prefix: When the customer signs in for a VPS, we’ll create an account on GridCP. The username format will be prefix added to this field plus the WHMCS ID of the customer. 

After a customer had bought the product, they would visualize different options.

  • Product: it shows the product or services that the customer acquires.
  • Server: it will show the name of the server.
  • Hostname: it will let you know the VPS name.
  • Dedicated IP: it shows the designated IP.
  • Username: username to login
  • Password: the password you create when registered.
  • Status: it shows if it is active or deactivated.
  • Assign IPs: it shows the IP address.
  • Traffic: quantity of extra traffic for the VPS.

In the section Module command, you will find different tab options.

  • Create button.
  • Suspend button.
  • Unsuspend Button.
  • Terminate button.
  • Change package button.
  • Change password.

When a customer opens the dashboard, it will encounter the basic information described above. Also, on the left side of the panel, it will see: 

  • Change password: It will change the password on GridCP.
  • Login: it will open a new window that redirects you to CridCP.
  • Change to another plan: This allows you to modify your GridCP plan.
  • Change additional settings: ***ADD INFO***