WHMCS Module (Subnet)

Updated on May 14, 2021

Module Settings #

To automatically create subnets that a customer acquires on WHMCS, it is necessary to install a module. First, you can download it on http://mirror.gridcp.com/modules/whmcs_server_gridcp_subnet.zip. Then, you can decompress it inside the primary directory. 

Module Name: You can select the module of GridCP.

Float Group: you can select the float group where the subnet is and assign it to a user.

Version: you can select the IP version. 

Server: You have to select the server that you created previously with the access data. Once selected, it will load a drop-down with the different options.

Username Prefix: When the customer signs in for a VPS, we’ll create an account on GridCP. The username format will be prefix added to this field plus the WHMCS ID of the customer.

Product #

In this section, you will find service information described on WHMCS Module.

 Some different settings that you will find in this section are the following. 

  • Product: it shows the product or services that the customer acquires.
  • Server: it will show the name of the server.
  • Hostname: it will let you know the subnet name.
  • Dedicated IP: it shows the designated subnet.
  • Username: username to login
  • Password: the password you create when registered.
  • Status: it shows if it is active or deactivated.

Order number

*** temp info*** If you have a license you can enter it in this field.

Product service

Shows the product selected.


It shows which server the subnet is.

You can review information about the service you purchase, go to customer area>> my products and services.

  • Product/services: shows the service or product obtained.
  • Hostname: it will let you know the subnet name.
  • Primary IP: This is where traffic originates to the default route.
  • IP address: Shows your IP address. 
  • Subnet: shows the assigned subnet.

On the left side, you can change the password, log in and request cancellation.

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