Updated on October 22, 2021

You will find the task generated by the system using Cron. For example, using API to create a VPS will complete a task and be visualized in this section. Some of the functions that you will find are:
-Delete VPC: delete a VPS on deferred.
-Mass mailing: send massive emails.

-Migrate VPS.

In the task section, you will find two different lists; the first one is a task registered on GridCP.

  • ID: identification of the task
  • Title: Name of the task.
  • Description: Description of the task.
  • Priority: Shows the importance from 1 to 10 of a task
  • Finish: Indicates when a job is finished being one complete task and 0 incomplete.
  • Run: Executes the task.
  • Date: The day that the task was added.
  • Last Change: This shows the latest change made.



The second one is a backup list that will be completed automatically on the system.  

  • Node: Name of the node.
  • VPS: Name of VPS.
  • Date: shows the date when a backup will run.
  • Type: Type of backup; it will show the next backup to be done. (PBS or FTP).