Updated on October 22, 2021

Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise backup solution for backing up and restoring VMs, containers, and physical hosts. Proxmox Backup Server significantly reduces network load and saves valuable storage space by supporting incremental, fully deduplicated backups. In addition, with solid encryption and methods of ensuring data integrity, you are safe when backing up data, even to targets that are not fully trusted.

In this section, you can see, modify, and add PBS. To add a PBS, you need to introduce the name, domain, and IP of the PBS, the user, and access password. 

To delete it, select the PBS and press the delete button.

Add PBS #

To add a PBS go to,

  1. Backups.
  2. Proxmox backups server.
  3. Press add PBS button.


Identification name for the PBS on GridCP.


The domain access to the PBS.


The IP address of PBS.


A unit where backups are stored.


User identification of the PBS.


To identify yourself on the PBS.

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