Updated on June 15, 2021

Download installer #

Download the installation zip with the script and save it in the folder where you want to execute the installation.

Decompress the zip folder and access the browser on the server address to decompress the installation script to begin the installation.

In the image, you can observe the execution of the installation script responsible for downloading the application.   

License information #

In this section, you should enter the license that you can obtain in this link:

We remind you that you must accept our terms and conditions to continue the installation process. (Note: You can install GridCP without a license. However, this will carry some limitations).

Compatibility check #

This segment performs a compatibility check with GridCP with the system environment.

Additionally, a message will appear with the code that you should add to create a cron task each minute.

In case of a compatibility issue, it will show a notification error window explaining the problem.

Account information #

In this section, you must enter the data for the admin account. 

Once you complete the installation process, this information will be the access data to the panel. 

Please note that this is the data you’ll use to log in.

Connections settings #

In this part, you must enter the access information for the database using the bottom “check database” you can verify if the connection is correct. 

Therefore if everything is correct using the button “finish” the panel will be configured and the installation will be complete.