Updated on June 8, 2021

 Once you open GridCP for the first time, the home page will appear. You will find different basic information that will help you to navigate easily on the panel.

If you download GridCP without a license, you will have a warning box. Keep in mind you can always add a license in settings. You can purchase one at cli.gridcp.com.

System Information #

It shows how much CPU, memory, swap, and hard disks we are using in each node.

The button “more information” shows more extensive information of the node selected.

The button “list virtual servers” takes you to a list of VPS of the node selected.

Cluster statistics #

 A quick view of the general panel.

  • Total OpenVZ Virtual Servers: This is the total VPS server open VZ type.
  • Total KVM Virtual Server: This is the total VPS server KVM type.
  • Total nodes: It is the total number of nodes that are enrolled in the system.
  • Free IPv4: It is the total IP that is available.
  • Used IPv4: It refers to the total number of IPs used.
  • Block IPv4:It refers to the total number of IP that is blocked.
  • Active vnc sessions: This refers to all vnc active sessions. 

Updates #

It shows the current version of the panel and allows you to update it if you need it. Mark the checkbox for automatic updates.

User statistics #

It shows how many clients and administrators you have.

Activity #

 It shows the last connection of the user. It is possible to view the user IP.