Updated on October 22, 2021

Backups can recover data after losing data deletion, corruption, or retrieving data from an earlier time.

FTP Server #

Manages the backup servers, adding the FTP backup server. The stored backups generated by the system will not be counted for this limitation.

Limit Gb is the limit for the user to store generated backups by the user. The backups caused by the system won’t be counted for this limitation.

How to add a server backup #

To add a server backup, go to:

  1. Backups.
  2. FTP server.
  3. Press Add server backup.
  • Name: identification of the server.
  • Host: server domain.
  • User.
  • Password.
  • Dir: the path where backups are stocked. (“/backups/”).

Once you have created the server backup, you have the option to modify the name, host, user, address, and password.

To delete the Backup server, select the backup and press delete; a popup window will appear to verify you want to delete the backup.

Backup restoration.

Backups are a requirement for any sensible IT deployment. However, before a backup can run, backup storage must be defined.